Learn about advanced Inoxxi food slicers, processors and packers designed for food processing, serving and sales. The brand represents up to the 21st century equipment designed with the ever-increasing consumer expectations regarding product and service quality in mind. The broad range of devices within the brand’s portfolio (from slicers, through vacuum packers, mincers, saws, or cutlet slicers to innovative meat grinders) enables professionals to work faster and more efficiently and meet leading global quality standards while satisfying all work safety and hygiene requirements.

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The founders of the Inoxxi brand understand that “time is money” and equipment up to the 21st century has to respond to the requirements of the contemporary pace of life. This is why the key benefit of all our machines is that they will save you time: in some cases (as with our meat grinders) you will be able to work up to 5 times faster! However, what is important, these time savings will not compromise final product quality or taste. Note further that each Inoxxi machine is designed to meet event the strictest work safety and hygiene standards.

Also, Inoxxi takes care of cost-effectiveness in terms of savings on not only the labor but also the cost of feedstock. This is the case with vacuum packers: food purchased and vacuum packed in summer will last until winter without any loss of taste or nutritive value, which is not negligible if you consider that prices of many products (such as fruit or vegetables) can increase up to 4 times between these seasons. Using an advanced food packing solution from Inoxxi can extend your product shelf life up to 6 times and save you up to 75% on the cost of your feedstock.